Spot On Portable Target Trainer


From our new range of portable coaching aids, meet the Spot On Target Trainer!

Out of its carry bag, you get a light, neatly bundled frame, folded bright yellow ‘net’ and three flexible coloured spots which attach to the targets.

The Spot On Target Trainer works really well in a Mini Tennis environment, and the colour coding option is a helpful visual aid for children. The spot is attached at the top only, and a ball which strikes passes through the circle. Vary which colours are attached for emphasis and interest. The level of progression is obvious, moving from larger red, through orange, to the smallest green target.

For younger children, use for throwing and aiming practice. The target height can be lowered to suit. For older children developing targeted tennis striking skills, the trainer is designed to be used both behind and in front of the net and placed on the court according to your lesson.

The fun factor in aiming for coloured targets makes the Spot On Target Trainer particularly good, too, where you’re using stations in your coaching, and for multi-skills games on court and off.

Made in the UK by Zsig.

Size: Height 150cm x Width 106cm x Base Legs 93cm

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