At Babolat, making tennis fun for kids is our mantra. That’s why we created racquets like the B-Fly, to help your kid have fun faster on court, with a cool-looking design they will love. Learning the fundamentals is important too, so we integrated educational tools directly onto the racquet to help your kids master the basics of tennis. It’s no surprise the B-Fly is recommended by 6000 coaches around the world.*

The B-Fly 23 is recommended for girls whose height is between 120-130 cm (47-51 in.).

*coaches under contract with Babolat or affiliated with Babolat clubs


The Junior 23 Wimbledon racquet is suitable for young beginners between 120 and 130 cm tall. Designed in the image of the legendary British Grand Slam.


Head Size
620 cm²
584 mm / 23 in
Weight (unstrung)
205 g +/- 10g
Balance (unstrung)
290 mm +/- 10mm
Stringing Pattern
Stiffness (RA)
String bed RA: 45 +/- 5
Strung / Unstrung
Type of Cover
Head Cover

Just for kids! Extensive studies on junior player’s morphology and tennis capabilities guided the design of the Drive Jr. The result? A racquet range that will help your junior learn tennis technique and tactics faster. And we didn’t stop with the racquet specs. The Drive Jr also comes in an alternative cosmetic, allowing your junior to pick a racquet color that reflects their unique style.

The Drive Jr 23 is recommended for juniors whose height is between 120-130 cm (47-51 in.).